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The Meat on How to Dehydrate foods

Learning to dehydrate meat and dehydrating fruit is an easy way to prepare for your upcoming trip. When you dehydrate foods, you're removing the liquid from the food increasing the life span of that food without removing valuable protein and nutrients required on the trails and in the bush.

Dehydrator Recipes

Dehydrate Meat

Beef jerky, deer jerky, and all sorts of protein-rich dehydrated meat recipes!

Dehydrated Fruit

Learn how to make dehydrated fruit with our easy to understand dehydrating instructions.

Dehydrated Vegetables

Dehydreded vegetables can be good as a snack or to be rehydrated later for use in your favorite dishes.

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Featured Dehydrator Recipe

If you're looking for one of the best dehydrated food recipes online, you're in luck!

Take a look at our apple-smoked beef jerky!

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